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Our coaching staff and board place player safety at the top of our priorities for the Junior Wolverines.  Here are some of the ways we keep safety first for our players as well. 

Our Standards

1. Shoulder Tackling

We utilize USA Football's 'Shoulder' tackling technique, which teaches kids to tackle without involving their head in the tackle.  This technique has proven effective in reducing incidence where the helmet comes in contact with the opposing player.  To read more about heads up tackling, click here.

2. Coaching Certification

All coaches for the Junior Wolverines have passed background checks and completed training by USA Football.  In addition to coaching skills, this means coaches have training for Concussion Prevention as well as monitoring and response to other common football risks.

3. Athletic Training

All games in the KVC league will have a paramedic or athletic trainer at games to ensure any injuries are addressed quickly and appropriately.


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